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Let's Go to the Town Square

by coords1306
Published on: 1/12/2021 8:15:17 PM

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Seems if we're ready to roll up our sleeves and set right the chaos of Social Media we should note shortcomings of Old Media

Everybody Wants to Fix New Media but What about Old Media.  Seems if we're ready to roll up our sleeves and set right the chaos of Social Media we should note shortcomings of Old Media.  You know, that group of institutions that our friend the MIT linguist talked about.  Because make no mistake about it history will repeat itself and the end result will be some awful cable news reincarnation in Twitter and Facebook form.

Let's take all the new fangled confusing technology out of the equation for a second and go on a little thought eperiment.

There is no internet.  Let's dial back even further...there is no television.  We're in a 3 factory town consequently with 3 newspapers.  Those papers cover certain issues fairly well...could even pass as true journalism most of the time.  But when the problems people want to talk about happen to involve the three factorires suddenly the papers can't be trusted...or simply aren't going to talk about what people want to hear.  So they go to the town square and their people are simply shouting out about the problems people care about.  To no surprise the loudest and most clever shouters win over the larger audiences.  

Then the day comes when the loudest shouter says something not only detrimental to the factories but to the town itself.  What do you do?  

Perhaps deal with the shouter. But do you then shut down the town square?  And what the media that is mum on all the issues driving people out of their houses in the first place.

People will decry the march on the capital...that is why we must end the Town Square but what about the endless Wars media has us sleeping on?  If I can't count on the other institutions for the real news I don't want a false silence.

I know there is more to this to consider but wanted to get these thoughts out.


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By: coords1306
Published 1/16/2021 10:02:34 PM
As a Bernie supporter Social Media was key to his success and probably the ceiling to it as well. He couldn't win because he couldn't get traction with older voters who get their News from TV. Now we're going about 'fixing' Social Media. Thus my reservations

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(And yes I like some of the music this is parodying as well)

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