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Alex Jones TURNS On Q In Humiliating Meltdown
Show: The Majority Report
Watched on January, 2021


Emma Vigeland, Seder and Nomiki Konst have some fun breaking down Alex Jones, great defender 

of heterosexual frogs, calling out the crazy Q folks.  


Emma notes some of this traces back to Jones.


Seder nots the lunacy Jones started is now going beyond him.  


[My take]

I enjoy MR sounding off on the lunacy of the right.  But nagging my concsious about people dumping on fringe media voices 

is that as bad as Pizza Gate was...or of Alex Jones not respecting the tragedy of Sandy Hook....mainstream media is not 

an innocent institution.  And it may seem forgivable what mainstream news gets wrong but the scale of it is devastating when it comes

to manufacturing consent or not covering the real problems of people such as medical bankrupcies.  Etc.


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