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Bernie Laughs At Idea of Republicans Being Decent Human Beings
Show: The Majority Report
Watched on February, 2021



Seder covers the dynamics at play with reconcipliation and the parliamentarian and the $15 minimum wage.


To be fair Bernie didn't actually laugh at the idea of Republican being decent human beings as much as the idea that they could get any Republicans to vote for the minimum wage increase.  Though I get that for the left being against the minimum wage increase is the same as not being a decent human being.


Personally, beginning to realize that all division works against Progressive initiatives.  Even slamming the Republican label is actually counter productive...though its tough not to.  And that is probably what helps ratings.  It just that while it may get more clicks of lefty viewers it is also perpetuating this idea that Bernie and Progressive Policies are a galaxay apart from the right.  Which isn't true.  



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