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Big Pharma Making OBSCENE Profit From Covid Vaccine
Show: Secular Talk
Watched on January, 2021




Pharma is cleaning up on Vaccine development.  (Of note, adjacent to this the wealthy 

in general have thrived in the time of Covid)  


Kyle talks about how in the sphere of health he has gotten more radical to the point where 

he would be glad to nationalize almost everything related to health.  But still not this way 

in other industries and consumer goods.


Research and development of course needs to happen but it already mostly does with Government subsidizing it.


(Does admit late the Government did botch the distribution of the Vaccine)


My Take:

I actually thought he was going to hit on insurance companies margins growing as people opted out of 

elective procedures while still paying their premiums...or as Kyle puts it, our 'proection money'.


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