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Big Tech Monopolies -- Controlling Speech!? with Matt Stoller
Show: The Jimmy Dore Show
Watched on February, 2021



Always had respect for Matt Stoller before but this bumped him up my list of analysts to pay attention to.  

Any content related to decisions made by Social Media Platforms catches my attention as I think it should the attention of all of us.

Progressives lament about what Cable News is today but it wasn't always this bad as it wasn't always this concentrated, and partisan.  Meanwhile Progressives have been winning in the new media space and I think that is why Bernie did so well with people younger than 50.  Which would make the path forward include getting older voters to tune into Progressive voices by streaming this content, or getting this content on a cable news station. 

But its not like the opposition isn't aware of what happens and so they are coming for new media in full force.  We need to be ready, be vigilant, and not let new media be turned into a new version of the triple headed monster that is MSNBC/CNN/Fox.



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