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Claire Fallon
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Can We Please Stop Talking About Cancel Culture
Watched on 3/9/2021 12:00:00 AM

Claire Fallon talks about the Dr. Seuss story regarding 6 books being discontinued due to racist imagery. 


[my take]

'Cancel Culture', like many trends, has had its definition lose any sense of precision.  It can mean people noting they take offense, to complete removal of an artist or content producer from the market, to impeachment, to censorship.  

The right cries Cancel Culture anytime there is push back against regressive materials or thoughts.  And sadly it works to some degree.

Cancel Culture has been weaponized and has lead to the resignation of Al Franken.  And yet can't stop politicians making successful presidential runs, or Judges being promoted to the highest court of the land.

I mostly agree with Fallon here, especially how she details with precision exactly what this 'canceling' has consisted of, a publisher making a decision to discontinue material that is no longer acceptable.

I disagree with the notion that Cancel Culture isn't real, that it doesn't do anything, and find it frustrating that people will call for what amounts to the end of a person's career, or severe damage to it via removal from whole sections of the society while at the same time saying it amounts to nothing.   Not sure I'm explaining that well but it reminds me of Ezra Klein telling Sam Harris that Charles Murray hasn't been 'canceled' at all because he still has a career, while Sam Harris himself notes he avoided Murray for years because of the stigma around him.  That stigma is real.  

Now should racism be stigmatized?  Sure. Banished? No.  Not if free speech is to remain protected.



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The ACLU states "If we do not come to the defense of the free speech rights of the most unpopular among us, even if their views are antithetical to the very freedom the First Amendment stands for, then no one's liberty will be secure." 

Which I get.  But man-oh-man can't we just call out and stop hate speech based on racism?

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