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Capitol Stormed by Protestors! Trump's Twitter Suspended!
Show: The Jimmy Dore Show
Watched on January, 2021


To be clear, as Dore is a controversial figure even among the Progressive left, this show is left of me.  That said 

I absolutely keep an ear to what Jimmy Dore has to say about issues.  He's older than me, and so has seen the politics 

of the left play out for much longer.  So while my anger doesn't match his I can imagine why it is there and view it 

as necessary given the state of affairs.  


I've avoided the storming of the Capitol because certain issues are simply too big and intense for me to process.  This 

basic rundown of what happened, and the confusion of the mixed response of the police as well as concerns about the President being 

censored approximates my own concerns and confusion.


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