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Ilhan Omar Reveals Progressives Had NO STRATEGY On $15 Min Wage
Show: Secular Talk
Watched on March, 2021



Hate to be stuck on the $15 Min Wage but it is important to understand the dynamics at play. 


Here Kyle makes the point that perhaps the Progressive faction is simply inept.


I think he dodges Dore's critique of 'selling out' but only addressing corruption via Donor influence.  Dore's critique is that in being concerned about their careers, and standing within the party, they are 'selling out' all the same.  Donor money, or inner-party status, if the end result is falling in line ...

There is a part of me OK with Progressives not setting the hard-line and taking the political hit of stopping a much-needed relief bill given the wage was supposed to be something Biden was going to take care of.  But that is presuming they would fight hard on more progressive initiatives such as forcing a vote on Medicare-for-All.

But turns out they aren't going got do anything other than Tweet like they aren't already in office.  Sinema Tweeted support for the $15 min-wage as well.  Turns out Tweets don't stop thumbs-down-curtsies.



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