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Krystal and Saagar: Tim Dillon Tells NYT Journo Writing Rogan Profile To ‘F-- Off’
Show: The Hill
Watched on May, 2021


The media-on-medial critiques can seem petty but there are stakes in the ongoing conflict between new media and old media.  Joe Rogan is just another battleground where this conflict plays out.  Saagar sums it up when he notes that Joe Rogan, with his number one, platform-carrying podcast, just may be a rare instance where such influence is gained by an individual not tied to a larger media institution.  From NYT and print media attacking Substack and Glenn Greenwald.  To endless pieces that talk about the dangers of Social Media Propagandizing people.  The real goal seems to be to reign in independent media.  Or, at the very least, independent media will be sacrificed as collateral to gain control over new media.  


All media and free speech are dangerous.  It can, and will, and has, been used to propagandize people.  But put the crimes of propaganda on a scale and I don't think Mainstream media that Manufactures Consent for every war will come out ahead.  

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