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Lets talk about a forecast for the GOP....
Show: Beau of the Fifth Column
Watched on February, 2021



This clip talks about the unsettled space that is the Republican Party and how a current Republican just chose to become an Independent with a damning analysis about the GOP roughly:

"You can't win a primary without the support of Trump, and you can't win a general election with it".


[my take]

I love this channel but resepectively disagree on the assessment here.

As nice as it is to fantasize about a Republican party in disarray I think it will prove wrong.  Trump's radioactivity may not have a long half-life.  Many suspect he could have carried the eleciton if not for Covid.  Covid will pass. The insurrection probably tacked on some time until to the radioactivity, but not enough.  

Also the anti-Establishment aspect of Trump came before him in the form the Tea Party and so I don't think it is as chained to Trump as it feels at the moment.  (I grant it feels pretty attached at the moment).  


Look after Bush lost in 08 there was talk of Democrats holding sway but they didn't.  That pendulum keeps swinging.  The Democrats and Republicans both keep drifting right.

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