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RIGGED System: How Richest Corporations Paid ZERO in Taxes
Show: The Jimmy Dore Show
Watched on April, 2021



A couple of years ago I retweeted a similar story about Amazon listed by Yahoo and got pushback from a libertarian about how despite the story on Yahoo the company still pays a ton in taxes..payroll taxes.  Or local taxes.  Etc.

He got mad at me for daring to retweet it.  It was posted by Yahoo but the problem is me retweeting it :).  And also if the like of Yahoo, and in this case the NYT, are making a big deal about how maybe corporations should pay a bit more...and you know they make billions, why the need to defend them?

Them?  They?  They are not people.  Made up of people.  Good for society when managed properly.  But people should come first.  

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