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Ralph Nader on Democrats and the Squad
Show: Bad Faith
Watched on February, 2021



Briahna talks about the disconnect between BLM and the Presidential Campaign, that BLM did not lay any terms down for their support in the election.

Nader notes that Labor Unions have not been making any demands of the Democratic Party for some time now.  Failed to negotiate hard against Force the Vote type laws as an example.  

It isn't like the Democratic Party has been doing well.  

Briahna mentions the new Progressives and the concern that at the rate new Progressives are added versus the rate of comprimising of those in office now does 

not make for a hopeful trajectory.


Nader shares concerns about the current Progressive faction noting that he has reached out to them to offer support but they seemingly don't want it.



Wonder if the cold shoudler Nader recieved is just a product of the Squad and Co already having succeeded on their own terms.


Overall the point about the left choosing not to use leverage is frustrating.  Its not in this clip but I'll bring it up.  The left fails to negotiate hard 

in every single transaction.  From Biden to Republicans on Covid relief, to AOC and the Squad not being tough on Pelosi, to Unions not being tougher, to 

even members of Progressive New Media, the party to the left capitulates and capituatlate and capitulates.


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