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Richard Wolff UBI Technology
Show: TMBS
Watched on January, 2021


GND type legislation passed in Texas by dropping GND branding, disassociating with AOC, and letting Unions lead.

[I personally find this to be perhaps an issue of 'my-solution-is-the-only-solution' bias and find it completley unconvincing and believe that Yang has addressed some of the points better than Burgess is making them]

Ben Burgess speaking about the limits of a UBI approach to the problems of the economy at hand.  Argues it is grotesquely inadequate especially what we'd actually get.  It be an excuse to cut out 

current programs.  The amount would be eaten up by rent increases.  The automation argument is overstated. 


Richard Wolf / Mark Blyth

Both going on how the problems can't be reduced to just technology as much as it is distribution of wealth and the class struggle between employers and employees.   

[This downplaying of automation as a problem seems counter productive to me.  I get not letting us sweep all issues into it but to downplay its impact is unconvincing and inevitably will be wrong.  And any note of the long history of concern give weigth to the same type of argument made by the Right about Climate Crisis]



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