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What is nEoLiBeRaLiSm?
Show: The Peoples Basics
Watched on April, 2021


A solid explainer from Jon Munitz of the Peoples Basics, formerly The Hill of Roses.  I'm a part of the Peoples Basics team as well.  In this Jon goes over the history and meaning of Neoliberalism.  Given how widely it is used as a pejorative for those of the left, this is a needed examination of its meaning.

I personally would like to read more on what exactly caused stagflation in the 70s. In the past, in an effort to understand this pivotal time in monetary policy I did read a book about Hayak versus Keynes.  Economic debates are complex and layered with both sides usually laying claim to various parts of history that support their respective models.  The overly simplified way I view the fall out, for whatever this is worth to people, is Keynes economicis made mitigating unemployment its top priority where as Hayak, and by extension Neoliberlism, makes keeping inflation in check its top priority.  

Unfortunately, in an effort to not overly interfere with currency and markets, Neoliberalism ends up leading to laissez faire economics which has its own sets of issues.  The battle against inflation arguably has been won, but in the meantime inequality is exacerbated, with wages flat lining, and it becoming harder and harder for the next generation to do as well as the one before.


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