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Wokeness &amp; Censorship Used To Defend Wall Street
Show: Secular Talk
Watched on February, 2021



Kyle lays out how Wokeness and Censorship are being used to defend Wall Street.


In Gamestop an online community on Reddit made a move to buy a stock large hedge funds were shorting.  As the 

conflict has played out a narrative has come out mainstream outlets such as Newsweek and The Wallstreet Journal to 

point out racist content on the given online community sites.  


This is a standard tactic done by those that defend the status quo from any non mainstream element.  It puts those that 

would advocate for the online community as being socially backward.


My Take:

It works.  I mentioned the Gamestop story to family one day and the next morning got the Wallstreet Journal link sent to me. 

I noted even before reading it that I was skepitcal given how I've seen attempts to smear Bernie Sanders as mysogynist and 

Corbyn as anti-semetic.  That was before even realizing it was from the 'Wallstreet Journal'.  Started to raise this point 

and  the rejoinder was ...'well there are bad guys on both sides'.  


If flipping works.  And thats a problem that will rear its head again and again for anybody threatening the larger players at the table. 




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