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Youtube Drops The Hammer On Independent Media
Show: Secular Talk
Watched on February, 2021



Post insurrection fallout leading to many smaller YouTube channels being demonetized.  Assuming more right leaning channels than left leaning channels but that is irrelevant.  Deferring to YouTube is not a good idea.


I've been following the FLCCC and Ivermectin and am disturbed that Dr. Pierre Kory's testimony in the Senate has been taken down. I'm a  Progressive but have no problem citing an Op-Ed from a Republican in the WSJ if it is the name of free speech.  


And I encourage people to look at FLCCC and their basic claims that there is some evidence for Ivermectin as a key treatment as part of the general plan to get the Pandemic under control.  If the FLCCC proves true not only do you have the heavies of medicine perhaps dragging their feet, but it'll go to show that we cannot defer to the whims of the Tech Giants.

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