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With the obligatory caveat that you should trust your own judgement and form your own opionions on the various voices across all forms of news media, this is my own list of the pundits I've settled into listening to at one point in time or another.

Cody Johnston of Some More News

A Progressive version of the Daily Show, that is a show where politcal news and issues are discussed in a humorous way but the underlying ideology is this of a Progressive.  That left faction of the Democratic Party that at best may get a committee chair one day that the right pretends are puppet masters and fear monger about.  Because making overdue adjustments to education and the minimum wage while taking initiative against climate change would be the ruin of another wise pristine status quo.  


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How Republicans Lie About The Minimum Wage - SOME MORE NEWS
Show: Some More News
Watched on February, 2021


Seeing how I'm getting some orgnaic traffic for Ben Shapiro's take on the minimum wage wanted to add this recent clip from Some More News that looks to skewer the Republican arguments against it as a rejoinder.



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