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With the obligatory caveat that you should trust your own judgement and form your own opionions on the various voices across all forms of news media, this is my own list of the pundits I've settled into listening to at one point in time or another.

Jon Munitz of The Peoples Basics


Formerly the Hill of Roses.  Moving to The Peoples Basics.

A political advocacacy group that wants to put Yang's concept of Human Centered Economics front and center.  

Strong proponent for Universal Basic Income (UBI) but extends this to all basic needs such as healthcare.




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What is nEoLiBeRaLiSm?
Show: The Peoples Basics
Watched on April, 2021


A solid explainer from Jon Munitz of the Peoples Basics, formerly The Hill of Roses.  I'm a part of the Peoples Basics team as well.  In this Jon goes over the history and meaning of Neoliberalism.  Given how widely it is used as a pejor ...read more

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