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With the obligatory caveat that you should trust your own judgement and form your own opionions on the various voices across all forms of news media, this is my own list of the pundits I've settled into listening to at one point in time or another.

Saagar Enjeti of The Hill

He may actually be a Progressive Conservative, if such a thing can exist.



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Saagar Enjeti- Why Dems, GOP HATE Each Other And Why It Will Get MUCH Worse
Show: The Hill
Watched on March, 2021


Zero structural changes means that while we may be setup for a boom, the next bust is already baked in.

In the meantime we don't like each other anymore.  Which just makes the ground all more fertile for things only to get worse long term.

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Krystal and Saagar: Tim Dillon Tells NYT Journo Writing Rogan Profile To ‘F-- Off’
Show: The Hill
Watched on May, 2021


The media-on-medial critiques can seem petty but there are stakes in the ongoing conflict between new media and old media.  Joe Rogan is just another battleground where this conflict plays out.  Saagar sums it up when he notes that Joe Rogan, ...read more

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