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Senate Preparing $10 Billion Bailout Fund for Jeff Bezos Space Firm -5/25/21
UC Posted Date: 6/15/21

Sara Sirota, Ryan Grim: Bezos’s Blue Origin lost its bid for a major NASA contract to Elon Musk, but the Senate is ordering the agency to give a second one now.
End The Filibuster Show -6/14/21
UC Posted Date: 6/15/21

Andrew Perez: Manchin was for reforming the filibuster before he was against it — but he’s just the latest example of Dems using the rule to avoid governing.
"Activism Uncensored": The Line 3 Pipeline Protests -6/13/21
UC Posted Date: 6/14/21

Matt Taibbi: Joe Biden made promises on climate policy that pipeline activists in Minnesota expect him to keep.
A Backroom Deal To Kill Single Payer -6/10/21
UC Posted Date: 6/10/21

Julia Rock - Under pressure from labor leaders and insurance execs, NY Dem leaders are blocking a vote on health care legislation even though it has majority support in the legislature.
New York State to Revolutionize Antitrust -6/06/21
UC Posted Date: 6/10/21

Matt Stoller - The Amazon H2Q fight in 2019 woke up the anti-monopolists in New York. Now they are moving forward with a new stronger trust-busting law.

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